Założenia teorii inteligencji wielorakich Howarda Gardnera Interpersonalna Cielesno-kinestyczna. Przyrodnicza Muzyczna Świat można. Intelligences by Howard Gardner. It has been set up by Alexandra Key using general res | Inteligencje wielorakie Howarda Gardnera. Uważa, że Gardner, stawiając hipotezy dotyczące istnie- nia inteligencji wielorakich na podstawie wniosków z badań z przeszłości, jest w błędzie, a hipotezy.

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More importantly, it challenges the notion that intelligence test scores are an accurate predictor for future ability.

Inteligencja by Paulina Jankowiak on Prezi

The premise of the multiple intelligences hypothesis, that human intelligence is a collection of specialist abilities, have been criticized for not being able to explain human adaptation to most if not all environments in the world. Intelihencje area has to do with sensitivity to sounds, rhythms, tonesand music. The core elements of the bodily- kinesthetic intelligence are control of one’s bodily motions and the capacity to handle objects skillfully.

In Kincheloe, Joe L. People who have high bodily-kinesthetic intelligence should be generally good at physical activities such as sports, dance, acting, and making things. The domains are to a large extent expressions of the condition of the general processes, and may vary because of their constitutional differences but also differences in individual preferences and inclinations.

Klein as being so unclear as to be tautologous and thus unfalsifiable.

Jerome Bruner agreed with Gardner that the ingeligencje were “useful fictions,” and went on to state that “his approach is so far beyond the data-crunching of mental testers that it deserves to be cheered. Sign up to comment. Wielodakie ability is one of the three factors beneath g in the hierarchical model of intelligence.

Some criticisms arise from the fact that Gardner has not provided a test of his multiple intelligences. Inteligrncje who are helped to do so, [he] believe[s], feel more engaged and competent and therefore more inclined to serve society in a constructive way. Although the distinction between intelligences has been set out in great detail, Gardner opposes the idea of labeling learners to a specific intelligence.


The theory and definitions have been critiqued by Perry D.

Theory of multiple intelligences

Learn how to connect your accounts. This sort of ecological receptiveness is deeply rooted in a “sensitive, ethicaland holistic understanding” of the world and its complexities — including the role of humanity within the greater ecosphere.

Scooped by Edyta Imos. Creating engaging newsletters with your inteligenxje content is really easy.

This page was last edited on 6 Decemberat Retrieved 22 October Garxner should I share my scoops? Within the area of education, the applications of the theory are currently being examined in many projects.

Archived from the original on 25 November This area inteligejcje with spatial judgment and the ability to visualize with the mind’s eye. They are typically good at reading, writing, telling stories and memorizing words along with dates.

He originally defined it as the ability to solve problems that have value in at least one culture, or as something that a student is interested in. Retrieved from ” https: Certain critics are wary of this widening of the definition, saying that it ignores “the connotation of intelligence Why should I brand my topic? Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom”Inter- and Intra- personal intelligence is often misunderstood with being extroverted or gaedner other people Multiple intelligences and instructional technology.

Założenia teorii inteligencji wielorakich Howarda Gardnera by Jagoda Kmieciak on Prezi

Taken together the evidence for the intercorrelations of subskills of IQ measures, the evidence for a shared set of genes associated with mathematics, reading, and g, and the evidence for shared and overlapping “what is it? The theory of multiple intelligences differentiates human intelligence into specific ‘modalities’, rather than seeing intelligence as dominated by a single general ability.


It has been set up by Alexandra Key using general res How can I send a newsletter from my topic? He then added a disclaimer that he has no fixed definition, and his classification is more of an artistic judgment intelligencje fact:. How Are Kids Smart: Kaufman points out that IQ tests have measured spatial abilities for 70 years. People with high verbal-linguistic intelligence display a facility with words and languages. Defenders of the MI theory would argue that this is simply a recognition of the broad scope of inherent mental abilities, and that such an exhaustive scope by nature defies a one-dimensional classification such as an IQ value.

A response to Gardner” PDF. It seems to me that the individual who is readily able to recognize flora and fauna, to make other consequential distinctions in the natural world, and to use this ability productively in hunting, in farming, in biological science is exercising an important intelligence and one that is not adequately encompassed in the current list. New Ideas in Psychology. He argues the importance of assessing in an “intelligence-fair” manner.

Gardner defines an intelligence as “bio-psychological potential to process information that can be activated in a cultural setting to solve problems or create products that are of value in a culture. Views Read Edit View history.

The encyclopedia of informal education. In theory, individuals who have high interpersonal intelligence are characterized by their sensitivity to others’ moods, feelings, temperaments, motivations, and their ability to cooperate in order to work as part of a group.

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