Hyptis is a genus of flowering plant in the Lamiaceae family. These plants, known commonly as island bushmint; Hyptis lappacea · Hyptis lorentziana · Hyptis martiusii · Hyptis mutabilis – tropical bushmint; Hyptis pectinata – comb bushmint. Nepeta pectinata L. [family LAMIACEAE ] (stored under name); Hyptis pectinata ( L.) Poit. [family LAMIACEAE ] Verified by H.F. Wernham, Hyptis pectinata (L.). Hyptis pectinata, popularly known in Brazil as “sambacaitá” or “canudinho,” is an aromatic shrub largely grown in the northeast of Brazil. The leaves and bark are.

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We developed a theoretical framework to examine the business value of offering paid sick leave. Reasons for the low uptake of APL included the impracticalities of the hypptis, poor awareness and perceived attitudes and implications for training.

Although there are some reports on the constituents of H. Articles with ‘species’ microformats Taxonomy articles created by Polbot All stub articles.

Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine

We used a RNA-sequencing method to assemble the S. De novo assembly of pen shell Atrina pectinata transcriptome and screening of its genic microsatellites. Institutions were categorized based on geographical region, funding, and ranking to determine trends regarding availability and duration of paid parental leave.

View at Google Scholar T. Adolescent mothers leaving multigenerational households. Fractionation of the leaf EO was carried out by column chromatography.

Policymakers at the state and local levels…. Effects are larger for fathers of first-born children than for fathers of later-born children. Epctinata ferric HbI, the rate of diffusion of H2S from the solvent into the heme pocket kentry is 0. Using difference-in-difference and difference-in-difference-in-difference designs, we study California’s Paid Family Leave CA-PFL program, the first source of government-provided paid parental leave available to fathers in the Unites States.


Results of this work showed: Employer concerns focus on eligibility, lost work hours, and the conditions of granting leave.

CD spectra of 1 dotted line and 3 solid line. The best inhibitory and bactericidal activity was found for methyl rosmarinate 0. Implications and recommendations for parental leave policy in Taiwan are discussed. Since hhyptis are no studies reporting the toxicity and safety profile of this species, we investigated repeated-doses toxicity of the essential oil of Hyptis martiusii EOHM.

A growing number of postdoctoral academics cite stressful working conditions for considering abandoning their studies and leaving the academic profession entirely before they obtain a tenured position. Preliminary results indicate the need for more frequent sampling, particularly in the period included in AOT40 May-July.

Antileishmanial Phenylpropanoids from the Leaves of Hyptis pectinata (L.) Poit

Similarly, if a full-time employee who would otherwise work 8-hour days works 4-hour Participants included 1, students who rated the importance of issues when deciding to leave relationships.

Gastroprotective effects of the essential oil of Hyptis crenata Pohl ex Benth. In light of these two effects, we find the surprising result that leaves exposed to an ambient humidity of 90 percent can evaporate water at the same rate as leaves exposed to only 50 percent humidity. Under Austrian law, precautionary maternity leave hyptiw a decree issued by the district public health physician. Women’s Reasons for Leaving the Engineering Field.

The cytotoxicities of the extract, fractions, and compounds against the promastigotes were determined. Leishmaniasis is a major global public health problem, with three million cases annually [ 14 ]. Carbonic anhydrase CA carbonate hydrolyase; E,C,4.

Hyptis pectinata – Wikipedia

Both concepts have been updated: Prairie cordgrass Spartina pectinataa perennial C4 grass native to the North American prairie, has several distinctive characteristics that potentially make it a model crop for production in stressful environments. The flows around the leaves are compared with those of simplified sheets using 3D numerical simulations and physical models. Moreover, we identified the genes involved in epigenetic regulation and hyltis expression.


The study was performed by adding methanol extract of Hyptis uyptis L. Fathers’ Participation in Parental Leave. The volume, pH and total acidity of the gastric secretions were determined using the pylorus ligature model.

The microscopic analysis showed changes in liver, kidneys, lungs, and spleen; however, these changes do not have clinical relevance since they varied among the groups, including the control group.

Using data from the annual census of physicians in the NHS, we determined pectinatta physicians actually left family practice during the next 5 years.

Developments in Educational Leave of Absence.

Hyptis pectinata

The 1 H and 13 C NMR spectra were similar to those of 1 with the addition of a methoxyl group on the 3 position. Finally, we are reorganizing the existing sick leave regulations to enhance reader understanding and administration of the program. Effects of processing method and age of leaves on phytochemical pectibata and bioactivity of coffee leaves.

Leaves from red birch and red pine were immersed in water or 0. H 2 O fractions; and the compounds isolated in major quantities 1 — 5 and 7 were evaluated in vitro against the promastigote form of L. Effect of extract, fractions, and compounds isolated from H. Moreover, Radtke [ 34 ] demonstrated that rosmarinic acid did not show selective toxicity when tested against the promastigote stages of the other Leishmania species L.

Subsequently, the trained MaxEnt model was fed with Hadley Centre Coupled Model HadCM3 climate projections to predict potential distribution pectihata bushmint by the year under A2a and B2a emission petinata.

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