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You can view the PDF files conveniently online with your browser – just click the link. Alternatively, you can save the information so that you can refer to it offline. Find out all of the information about the FRAKO product: power factor control relay / panel-mount / programmable / digital RM Contact a supplier or the. (see Table 1, pages 15 to 17) The Reactive Power Control Relay RM is Relay RM Sales Programme Power capacitors for low voltage FRAKO.

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The identification process is carried on rrako the alarm. The connection recognised by the control relay can be read under mode number in accordance with Table 2. During the identification process all the control contacts of the relay are individually switched frak and off again. Relay does not respond to manual operation although it has voltage and digital display is operational.

The reactive power control relay RM is a microprocessor-based control relay for intelligent control of capacitor banks with 6 control contacts. The current transformer can be installed in any phase.

Relay was not in manual mode. Unstable power supply power factor fluctuation.

This is essential to ensure that the system does not oscillate. If it recognises that a capacitor stage has failed, this stage stage without capacitance will be ignored in future normal operations.

Furthermore a sealing ring is supplied, which must be used when installing the control relay in switchgear cabinets and cubicles of protection class IP Power Factor Correction Panel in Chennai. Call Send a quick message.


Frako RM 9606 Trafostation

Check if capacitors are energized after switching. The response current corresponds to half the width of the tolerance band, within which the reactive current can change without capacitor stages being switched on or off.

View from below 3 P Contents 1.

The power factor is displayed. The current flowing on the secondary side of the CT is too small.

Fault in control circuit. Fixed stages are stages which are not included in the normal control cycle but are switched on immediately after the control relay is switched on and always remain switched on.

During the “set mode” none of the capacitor stages is changed and there is no switching of the alarm contact. After voltage is restored the control relay switches the required stages on. It has to be passed by both capacitor and consumer current. During manual operation the present count for each stage can be displayed.

RM Power Factor Controller

While waiting the switching counter of this stage will be displayed for a short moment. However, we recommend that if capacitor stages are added at a later date, the set-up procedure be repeated see section 2.

Otherwise the current portion is displayed and has to be multiplied by the CT ratio to obtain the actual value. For a voltage loss of longer than 15 ms all capacitor stages connected are switched off. The mode of operation of rrm adjustment can be seen in Figure 4 and Figure 5.


If the result is higher than 11, 12 must be subtracted. If more stages are required the switching time delay is shortened depending on the number of stages required.

After approximately four minutes the required capacitor stages are switched on again. The target power factor is now stored permanently. In the case of fixed stages being used, the smallest stage has to be connected following the last fixed stage.

It is not allowed to use both connecting terminals “V” and “V” simultaneously. The Control Relay RM allows a variety of possible settings to meet the conditions on site.

In 21 For example: This takes place in set mode and at the same time it is necessary to programme the connection and stage parameters manually see frao 5.

Reactive Power Control Relay RM

For exampleif “1. If this cannot be achieved the voltage must be earthed, even if it is only small protective voltage. It must not be possible to touch the applied voltage at the alarm contact.

Get in Touch with us Baron Power Limited. Summary of Instructions On delivery, the control relay is set to preprogrammed standard values.

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