This page contains information about the Musician’s Manual for the TS from Ensoniq Corporation. TS12 manual english. The TS12 Manual in english, 1 MB, (c) by ensoniq. TS10 manual english. The TS10 Manual in english, 1 MB (c) by ensoniq. Winzip Get manuals, specifications, and demos for the Ensoniq TS synthesizer.

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Disabling General Midi Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. You should consult the MIDI implementation chart of the remote MIDI device you will be using in conjunction with the TS to see which if any type of pressure it responds to and transmits.

The TS enters Overdub. Sampled Sound to Sampled Sound. Tempo Track Edit Functions The TS returns to the current Sequencer Bank page with the new sequence selected. Page 7 TS in ennsoniq get playing. General Midi Sound Map Section 9 — Program Parameters Section 9 — Program Parameters This section covers the parameters which can be edited independently for each Voice within a Program.

You must use another disk formatted using the unique TS format to save your sample data, and to load an edited sound you must use both these disks because the TS saves only the edit settings without the actual samples. About The Copy Functions Selecting A Sequence Or Song Notice when you select the new sequence that The user’s setting is stored together ensonqi the appropriate “Sound” or “Preset”.



This number is automatically set whenever a sound is selected from the Sound Bank pages. As explained above, the Ensonniq will only allow you to scroll through a list of up to 38 files at any one time without changing directories.

Page 57 Suppose for example, you are playing the TS from a keyboard with a breath controller or want to use a breath controller as a modulator when playing the TS keyboard.

Page – Copying a complete program to a new loca Avoiding Confusion When Using Presets Section 7 — Effect Parameters Ejsoniq you are playing such an instrument from the TS, you should set the TS to send channel pressure. Using The Select Voice Page For instance, try using pressure to modulate the filters.

These disks offer the largest, most accurate, responsive, and musical sampled sounds available anywhere. A Sampled Sound must be selected in Sounds mode in order for these parameter pages to be displayed.

Section 3 — Midi Control Page Parameters It can be applied wherever a Modulator is selected. Ts General Midi Parameters Edit Steps Page Page This parameter controls the time it takes for the pitch to slide smoothly glide from one note to another. Page Page – Section 13 — storage Page – Ts disk file types Page – Disk capacity — bytes, blocks, and fil Each WaveSample has its own LFO, which can be assigned as a modulator wherever a modulation source is selected.

The Ensoniq TS12 Homepage

Sampled Sounds can require a tremendous amount of memory. In many cases you will want to have the guitar controller send the same-numbered Program Change on all six channels so that all six strings play the same sound.


In fact, MIDI System Exclusive data can be transmitted manusl received any time this page is on the display, regardless of which way you manaul it.

Manual Download the original owner’s manual from SoundProgramming. Removing A Wave-list enwoniq If you chose Copy mode, the TS returns with the new track the copy selected.

Page Page Page – To enter or move down into a directory Page Page Page – Receiving midi sys-ex messages Page – Midi system exclusive recorder Page Page – Loading system exclusive data from disk Additional Sys-ex Recorder Notes The TS displays the Edit Context page As manua, in Section 1 — Controls and Basic Functions, whenever you go from Sounds or Presets mode to the Track Parameter pages, the TS displays the names of the three most recently selected sounds on the top line and their parameter values on the bottom line.

This would allow you to add reverb to voices assigned to FX1 and panned hard left, without having to add any of the rotary speaker effect. Saving A Sample-banks File

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