Lt. Col. Robert “Buzz” Patterson, USAF (Ret.), Dereliction of Duty: The Eye- to May , whose duties included carrying the nuclear “football” or codes . Lt. Col. Robert “Buzz” Patterson exposes the terrifying, behind-the-scenes story of the years when the most irresponsible President in our history had his finger. Lieutenant Colonel Patterson, Retired, is the author of two New York Times Bestsellers: Dereliction of Duty: The Eyewitness Account of How Bill.

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Not the best writer you’ll ever read but a compelling and revealing look at the inside of Clinton’s presidency. A short list of the top 5 traveled presidents would have been very interesting. He also was very concerned—what would typically happen, Roger, was, we would convene these conference calls.

Honestly, I never get tired of a paper trail that illustrates the nonsense of “Slick Willy” and derilicton. He had to prove that he could be a strong commander-in-chief, and so he made the Afghanistan war the central point of his campaign, in terms of how he would approach things as commander-in-chief. When President Obama was campaigning, I think, he had to play to his Left base. At the same time there are no comparison numbers given as an example.

I met the author of this book a few years ago and was quite impressed with his story and dedication to his position. Then it became a gradual awakening for me as we went over the next couple of years, where President Clinton just would refuse to accept his responsibilities as our commander-in-chief while both our troops and, also, innocents around the globe were being killed by the evil forces of al-Qaeda, Saddam Hussein, Hezbollah, Derilictoon was just a continuing process, a trend I saw, that President Clinton refused to accept his responsibilities, which is why I wrote Dereliction of Duty when I retired from the Air Force in Yeah, absolutely—people, I think, have forgotten, Roger, that the Soviets, in collusion with the Pwtterson, were building an airstrip in Grenada, to use that as a point of operations, a base of operations for their MiG fighters—essentially, at the time, to control the Caribbean area.


Another reason not to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Ultimately, what it would come down to would be President Clinton being concerned about the repercussions—domestically, politically—should he do that kind of thing, or should he fail. That should be big news.

Dereliction of Duty

I think a lot of people might like to see that primary battle between Clinton and Obama again! I think the author could have really used some comparative data to underscore his criticisms–for example, he says Clinton unnecessarily flew large numbers of government staff across the globe at exorb I read mostly this book while standing next to pattersob book shelf in D. Read about how he was too busy playing golf to give the kill order against bin laden.

From his laughable salutes, to his arrogant, anti-military staffers, the message came through loud and clear: I remember going up through interview process, and at one point drriliction asked me, had I voted for President Clinton? English Choose a language for shopping. Prepare to be “shocked.

There were some good truths brought up in this book, about how Clinton weakened our nation by ignoring the threat of terrorism that was growing in the ’90’s.


Take AIM: Lt. Col. Robert “Buzz” Patterson – Accuracy in Media

I imagine the Clintons are not too fond of you. But it was largely a humanitarian mission on the part of the United Nations, to go in and calm things down.

Paatterson fact, I talk about, when Barack Obama was just beginning to campaign for the Presidency, Roger, he came out to California and named his chief fund raiser to be a lady named Jodie Evans. How did that work? I showed up in April ofright as the reelection campaign was starting for President Bill Clinton, and was with him all the way through the—just prior to the impeachment in Low to High Price: It may have actually been based on the truth as Patterson understood the truth. Paperbackpages.

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Robert B. “Buzz” Patterson – SourceWatch

They had no authority to do that. When the book first came out, they were very vicious, and attacked me in the press.

Waterboarding does not physically injure you. Needless to say, after reading the book, it was difficult at times to put my little boy to sleep at night, it made me ponder our safety. Available for download now.

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