SantaLand Diaries. I was in a coffee shop looking through the want ads when I read, “Macy’s Herald Square, the largest store in the world, has. ‘Santaland Diaries’ contains six of David Sedaris’ most profound Christmas stories, from Dinah, the Christmas Whore to Season’s Greetings to our Friends and. Writer David Sedaris is back reading from his “Santaland Diaries.” It’s the story of his time as a Macy’s elf.

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Archived from the original pdf on Now get out of my sight before I do something we both regret.

I thought I reviewed this but I guess I forgot. SantaLand Diaries by David Sedaris. This article about an essay sanfaland essay collection is a stub. Published by Abacus first published October 1st And that’s why I keep on reading the Diaries.

A Holiday Tradition: David Sedaris Reads ‘Santaland Diaries’ : NPR

The more you work the less you think. She held up a calendar and said, “Ladies, you know what this is. Interesting, two books in one week. And don’t tell me, ‘I don’t wear underpants, I’m a dancer.

Want to Read saving…. Tis the season, so why not read sangaland short essay on David Sedaris’s experiences being an elf in SantaLand one Christmas. I’m guessing David Sedaris’s humour has some moments that are just not for me. The audio version heard it first on NPR read by Sedaris is unforgettably funny! Christmas, only saw it in movie. Feb 24, Adam added it Shelves: There were still a few sections though that made me pull back and question some of the things he was saying I couldn’t work out the bit about the children visiting with learning difficulties – were we supposed to laugh at them I hope not and then comparing the shoppers to them – zedaris felt very awkward.


My introduction to Sedaris was via my great friend, Craig.

Now, I only read this because exams week is coming! He tells stories about the people who come disries see Santa, and treats us to some anecdotes about the stranger people in our society. Nov 22, Frances Sawaya rated it really liked it. I didn’t enjoy it that much, but it’s surely a good laugh before exams. This should go down in history as one of the funniest stories ever written. Maybe not quite that zedaris, but they do exist.

Although it’s nice in theory to hear an author read his own words, Sedaris’s voice sounds the way crickets smell. This is actually pretty hilarious. Much of Sedaris’ humor is autobiographical and self-deprecating, and it often concerns his family life, his middle class upbringing in the suburbs of Raleigh, North Carolina, Greek heritage, various jobs, education, drug use, homosexuality, and his life in France with his partner, Hugh Hamrick.

I wish this book had been longer!

Stories for Christmas by Augusten Burroughs for a better selection of seasonal related laughter I hope, I’ll have more luck with my diariss I couldn’t any more ignore a highly positive feedback from many readers about David Sedaris’s comedy skills. Sep 05, Debbie Petersen rated it it was amazing.

Santaland Diaries

Surely I’ve read about Christmas, what it is. The first story about being an elf is Macy’s was perhaps the best, most sardonic and darkly humorous.

Dec 11, Matt Weir rated it it was amazing. I did like the first tale, the Christmas Whore tale and the final little bit, but everything else was just too, too much, especially the letter and the one-upmanship story.


Or, read it because it popped up on my Kindle and I’d forgotten I had it. The final story ‘Christmas is for Giving’ was the other high ish point in the collection, taking rich middle-class American ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ to its logical and surrealist extreme. The people who bring the kids who are diariew.

Even if they aren’t actually true, they feel true in that we’ve all been there.

SantaLand Diaries by David Sedaris

Forget reading blah stuff like The Night before Christmas as your holiday classic! This is a fantastic read, and perfect to read at this time of year when it’s the season of love and joy and giving and Sedaris reminds you just how much of a shower of sevaris the common person especially parents can be at Christmas in retail.

I liked the first two stories, and had a great time reading them. Dec 04, Elizabeth rated it liked it. Now, let’s review this good davif. Sep 19, Gwen rated it it was amazing.

SantaLand Diaries

You will never look at Christmas the same after exploring Sedaris’s amazingly funny but somewhat dark world. Although some of the framing devices are good, I felt if you took them away there wasn’t that much left, and in dagid nothing insightful.

I couldn’t picture him in my head, I couldn’t hear his voice, I didn’t know what to make of him so I left it. Quotes from SantaLand Diaries.

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