What truths are revealed that has caused so many lapsed Catholics to return home? yourself when you read Catholicism and Fundamentalism by Karl Keating. Karl Keating defends Catholicism from Fundamentalist attacks and explains why Fundamentalism has been so successful in converting ‚ÄúRomanists. Keating’s book provides an impressively researched and eminently readable defense of Catholicism Fundamentalists often work on the principle that the Bible is such a .. Karl Keating is founder and senior fellow at Catholic Answers.

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Catholicism and Fundamentalism

Keating is thorough in his defense and lays open the faultiness of their arguments as well as how nearly every reference that a fundamentalist will use as being flawed in its presentation of what Catholicism really is. Not to be overlooked is the first major historical work by a Christian, the fourth-century Ecclesiastical History 20 of Eusebius. If one were to select a single book as a guide to the art of apologetics, it would be Frank Sheed’s Catholic Evidence Training Outlines.

Fundamentalists do not argue against the Church merely from Scripture, limiting themselves to events of the first century. Browse All Religious Education. The value of The Faith of the Early Fathers is keaitng to be found, though, in how much shelf space or how many dollars it aand, but in its doctrinal index, which lets the reader locate at once references to the sorts of issues fundamentalists bring up. Romano Guardini, The Lord Chicago: When he tells a fundamentalist that he will get back with the answer in a few days, he needs to be able to do just that.

Available with Greek and English on facing pages, it will impress on the reader better than any other ancient writing keqting the Catholic Church and its distinguishing elements existed from the first.


The next section looks at angels and men, the Fall, the Redemption, and the Mystical Body of Christ, and it gives perhaps the best popular account of life after death to be adn anywhere. The Sword of the Spirit covers the meaning, inspiration, authors, and canon of the Bible, biblical theology, the history of the Bible, and conflicting views in modern biblical scholarship.

Catholicism and Fundamentalism Food for the Mind

Part of it was poor catechesis on the part of the Catholic Church in the s and 70s, which resulted in an entire generation of Catholics who don’t understand their own faith. Patrology will give the reader a good grasp of how Christian literature developed in the early centuries, and that in turn shows the continuity of the Church and its doctrines.

The editorial committee was headed by Bernard Orchard, and contributors included such men as B. It is hard to trace doctrinal developments, no matter how many straight history texts one has access to. Add to cart Add to Wishlist. Other editions fundamentaoism View all Kkeating and Fundamentalism: Not because they present new arguments that make us question our faith for the first time. Add to Cart Add. Twenty citations are given. Sheed and Ward, The Catholic needs to read the Bible, of course, and to read it regularly, but that is hardly enough.

Videos Cathloicism This Cathilicism. The first century is tied to the twentieth, the intervening years no longer being a void. They are leaving the Church to join the fundamwntalism, take up the sexual revolution, accept social teachings that are opposed to the teachings of the Church, or simply to live a narcissistic life. Those not reborn, in the fundamentalists’ sense of the term, have no guarantee they will arrive at the right understanding.


The Collected Works of G. Since these charges are often identical to ones leveled against the Church two generations ago, many of the most useful apologetics works are old.

It really isn’t clear that this is the case until almost half-way through before that you just think he is obsessed about some guy name Botner I think it was.

It had a lot of information but I would not recommend this book to a non-Catholic. Peter in Rome as first pope, etc. I doubt if there was any objection against the Faith in all the centuries that was not hurled at us. So, while “Catholicism and Fundamentalism” may be a nice historical interest into why Catholics used to leave the faith, it is hardly relevant in explaining why young Catholics today leave the Church.

Liturgical Press, Unless there is a Good Friday in our lives there will never be an Easter Sunday. Keating delves into all the misconceptions about Catholicism.

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Just as the story line can be lost if one puts down a novel for any length of time, so the overall picture some of these books were designed to give will not be apprehended if one dallies in reading them.

Newman was an Anglican with strong Catholic sympathies when he began writing this book, and as he finished it he converted. Franciscan Marytown Press,

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