TOPAS is the latest generation Rietveld software. The basics of the Rietveld method were published in the late ´s, when the Dutch. This is a free update fixing some issues as described in the TOPAS V – What’s New manual. Once downloaded, simply unzip the file to a temporary directory. TOPAS BBQ is a TOPAS variant designed for unattended operation in fully automated environments for process and quality control integrating all TOPAS.

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See also gsas 3 and gsas 4. Improved convergence for btuker penalties. A fully functional Rietveld program for laboratory x-ray diffraction, synchrotron, single crystal and neutron fixed wavelength and TOF data. His many ideas, suggestions, tutorials and rigorous testing has led to a multitude of breakthroughs and impovements. Tangent formula can be used in each CF iteration.

Durham Topas Tutorials

Tutorial 32 – Solving a structure from single crystal data using charge flipping Tutorial 33 – Single crystal: Tutorial 18 – This tutorial explores convolutions to fit a single peak in a pattern using the convolution approach discussed in lectures. An invoice is sent to the buyer. Tutorial 40 – This tutorial teaches you how to use a Genetic Algorithm with a P1 distortion mode model of a structure to decide which modes are actually important in fitting the data.

The Australian business details can be obtained from an Australian Government web site using the Australian Business Number listed at the top of this page. The aim of the tutorial session is not to necessarily fully understand what your doing, but to make sure you’re happy with the “mechanics” of the overall process of Rietveld refinement. Builds from earlier tutorial on ZrW 2 O 8 and shows how to simultaneously fit X-ray and neutron data.


An improved indexing algorithm that is both faster and more likely to find the right solution.

Free update for TOPAS V4.0 and V4.1 users

They’re a collection of various tutorials from recent schools and user meetings. John Evans for continuous support, testing and guidance in the development of TA’s functionality. This Quasi-Newton method has been modified to dampen changes in the system in early iterations topxs a refinement.

Tutorial 23 – Rietveld refinement of an organic molecule using restraints and rigid bodies.

This is due to an automatic Marquardt constant determination and the calling of the very fast BCCG routine twice to solve the normal equations were parameter limits violated. Each of these convolutions corrects for peak shape, peak position and peak intensity.

TOPAS – XRD Software, X-ray diffraction – XRD Software | Bruker

For example, an x coordinate written in terms of H, K, L etc See also gsas 7. Tutorial 12 – ZrW 2 O 8 Rietveld: Wiki welcome Wiki topics Wiki macros Wiki manual. Tutorial 8 – How to run a prewritten input file.

In several cases there may now be better ways of tackling the problem or setting up amnual input file. Driven by innovation – it’s outstanding and unique fundamental parameters approach, function minimization routines and structure determination capabilities are just a few examples, of how TOPAS is at the leading edge in powder diffraction.


Example based on simulated lab x-ray diffraction data from low-temperature orthorhombic LaMnO 3. There are no differences in regards to single crystal refinement, structure solution, neutron TOF and non-standard Rietveld refinement.

It converges better in cases where the minima is far off. Purchasing Send an e-mail to AlanCoelho bigpond.

TOPAS Software

You can try these procedures on any of the other data sets provided. The tutorial on combined refinement of ZrW 2 O 8 also explores these ideas. Structure Solution Structure solution is not formally part of the course, but you could try the tutorials below if you’re interested.

Tutorial 42 – This tutorial teaches you how to use a Genetic Algorithm in P1 1. Tutorial 6 – Peak Fitting: Please contact us for more information. Reworked simulated annealing and automatic temperature regime algorithms that manjal most cases finds the global minima far quicker than before.

Improvements Bootstrap errors for fractional coordinates that are a function of a rigid body. Its main focus is in crystallography, solid state chemistry and optimization.

Enhanced computer algebra routines whereby 10s of thousands of equations can be loaded and simplified without difficulty. The inclusion of torsion angle penalties to complement previous distance and angle restraints.

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