Algas verdes. CLOROFITAS. * Acetabularia acetabulum * Caulerpa racemosa * Caulerpa peltata (Caulerpa chemnitzia) * Caulerpa webbiana * Cladophora. Se presentan las descripciones de 13 especies de algas verdes y 12 de Las especies pertenecen a los géneros de clorofitas Caulerpa, Cladophoropsis. Por primera vez se presenta una lista de las algas eucariotas fósiles y recientes conocidas de los lagos, Chlorophyta (clorofitas o algas verdes) (División).

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Thallus vesicular, dense, forming spherical clumps, 5 cm long.

Algas clorofitas

Isla de Lobos, Tuxpan Reef Ortega et al. Dark yellow or light brown, some portions olive green. Classification of the Chlorophyta, treated as all green algae, according to Hoek, Mann and Jahns Wikimedia Commons has media related to Chlorophyta. Classification of the Chlorophyta and Charophyta according to Bold and Wynne Yellowish green, loses color rapidly after exposure to light.

Pycnococcaceae “prasinophyte clade V”. Thallus pseudoparenchymatous, erect, with numerous branches originating from the base area.


Laguna de Sontecomapan Dreckmann, aglas Ortega et al. They include morphometric and biological data and are accompanied by photographs and line drawings for each species.

Attaches to the substrate by multiple parts of thallus. A possible classification when Chlorophyta refers to one of the two clades of the Viridiplantae is shown below.

Caulerpa racemosa is distributed throughout the gulf Fredericq et al. The taxa are given in the order following Fredericq et al. Charophytes basal Streptofilum Klebsormidiophyceae. Articles with ‘species’ microformats Commons category link is on Wikidata.

Thallus pseudoparenchymatous, erect, calcareous, 8 cm long. Most chlorophyte genera at least Caulerpa J. Median branches um long and Terminal branchlets consist of one row of cells Attaches to the substrate by a rhizoidal mass holdfast.

In older classification systems, it refers to a highly paraphyletic group of all the green algae within the green plants Viridiplantae and thus includes about 7, species [7] [8] of mostly aquatic photosynthetic eukaryotic organisms. Thallus unbranched, erect, minute, umbrella-shaped, mm long, with a solitary plane or slightly concave downwards disc cap mm in diam.



SE Fredericq et al. Margins of the rays slightly sharp-pointed by scars left by sterile hairs, arranged elliptically at clorovitas of the rays. Prasinococcales “prasinophyte clade VI”. Apical wall of the utricles 0. Filaments uniform in diam.

Gallega and Hornos reefs Dreckmann, ; Ortega et al. Epiphyte on the seagrass Thalassia testudinum Banks et Sol.

Vistas Ler Editar Editar a fonte Ver o historial. The seaweeds of Florida. LS-6 10 April Proximal internodes mm long, median mm long and distal ones mm long. Epiphyte clorofitaz the chlorophyte Halimeda scabra. Barra de Chachalacas Dreckmann, ; Ortega et al. Attaches to the substrate by creeping basal filaments.

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