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The Reorganized ACI 14 Code. – Are You Ready? Neal S. Anderson, P.E., S.E.. Staff Consultant. Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, Chicago, Illinois. The American Concrete Institute (ACI) has pub- lished Building Code Requirements for Struc- tural Concrete (ACI ) and Commentary. /R ACI Building Code and Commentary. PREFACE. The code portion of this document covers the design and construction of structural concrete .

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For negative moment along the edges of the panel at the faces of the supports. Compressive strength shall be determined by tests of standard 6 x in.

A middle strip wci panel in width, symmetrical about panel center line and extending through the panel in the direction in which moments are considered.

Full text of “ACI Building Code Requirements for Reinforced Concrete”

The test load shall be removed and additional readings of deflections shall be taken 24 hr after the removal of the test load. 3118-10 structure shall show no evidence of failure in the retest, and the recovery of deflection caused by the second test load shall be at least 75 percent.

Please choose a product format. Points of abrupt change in section shall be adequately reinforced.

Service live load—The ac load specified by the general building code of which this code forms a part. Deflection, camber, eccentricity, and uplift 5. The effects of shoring, or lack of shoring, on deflections and stresses shall be considered.

Over photos and drawings. Two-way action existing for the slab or footing, with potential diagonal cracking along the surface of a truncated cone or pyramid around the concentrated load or reaction.


In continuous spans, the moment of inertia may be taken as the average of the values obtained for the positive and negative moment regions. The mini- mum size of bar shall be 5. The Commentary is provided for this purpose. Among the subjects covered are: Loads on ground or on previously-placed structure — Removal of forms a No construction loads exceeding the structural design loads 318-01 be supported upon any unshored portion of the structure under con- struction.

After 7 days moist curing followed by 21 days drying at 73 F and 50 percent relative humidity, eight of the test cylinders at each of the two strength levels shall be tested for splitting strength and four for compressive strength.

The ties shall be so arranged that every corner and alternate longitudinal bar shall have lateral support provided by the corner of a tie having an included angle of not more than deg and no bar shall be farther than 6 in.

Where adjacent spans are unequal, the extension of negative reinforcement on each side of the column center line as prescribed in Table g 1 shall be based on the requirements of the longer span. For special structures, such as arches, tanks, reservoirs, grain elevators, shells, domes, blast-resistant structures, and chimneys, the provisions of this code shall govern so far as they are applicable.

318-08: Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary

Where the negative moment on 3318-10 side of a support is less than 80 percent of that on the other side, the difference shall be distributed in proportion to the relative stiffnesses of the slabs. The average of the values of c at the two supports at the ends of a column strip shall be 381-10 to evaluate the slab thickness U or t2 as prescribed in d.


Help Center Find new research papers in: Calcium chloride shall not be used. Where the ratio of short to long span is less than 0.

The reinforce- ment in each band shall be of equivalent size and spacing to that re- quired for the maximum positive moment in the slab. Printed in the United States of America. Welded splices or other positive connections may be used instead of lapped splices.

Where slabs are thus analyzed separate- ly, it may be assumed in determining the bending at a given sup- port that the slab is fixed at any support two panels distant there- from provided the slab continues sci that point. ZciBedford Station, Detroit 19, Mich.

Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary

Pipes carrying liquid, gas, or vapor which is explosive or in- jurious to health shall again be tested as specified in 3 after the concrete has hardened. Prior to the application of the test load, a load which simu- lates the effect of that portion of the service dead load aic is not already present shall be applied and shall remain in 381-10 until after a decision has been made regarding the acceptability of the structure.

Reinforcement—Material that conforms to Sectionexcluding prestressing steel unless specifically included. No portion of the column capital shall be considered for structural pur- poses which lies outside of the largest right circular cone with deg vertex angle that can be included within the outlines of the column capital.

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