Buy A Talha em Portugal by Robert Chester Smith (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. XXIII, p. 1. Robert C. Smith, Nicolau Nasoni: Arquitecto do Porto (Lisbon, ), p. ; Robert C. Smith, A talha em Portugal (Lisbon, ), p. Documentação, Porto, Diocese do Porto, , 4 volumes. 14 Robert C. Smith, A Talha em Portugal, Lisboa, Livros Horizonte, , p. 15 A «escriptura de.

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Its decoration, dating to the first half of the 17th century, is typical of the Mannerist period: Retrieved from ” https: The whole forms a sort of pyramid in several levels. The three martyrs are probably St. Anthony and his Vision of the Virgin.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Roch in the present church. Francis Xavierwas also done in The king wanted a new monumental building with three naves but the Society favored a plan more in keeping with the principles enunciated by the Council of Trentemphasizing simplicity and functionality.

The altar piece was carved by the Lisbon master carver Matias Rodrigues de Carvalho. Stanislaus KostkaSt. Around the upper story of the nave is a cycle of oil painting depicting the life of Ignatius of Loyola ca.

The chapel introduced the then new rocaille or rococo style into Portugal. Vieira was originally known as Francisco Vieira de Matos. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. It has been substantially rebuilt several times. The inhabitants of Lisbon then decided to erect a shrine [1] on the site to house the relic; the shrine was begun on 24 March and dedicated on 25 February The right to be buried in a tomb built under the High Altar, as attested by a stone inscription, was given to D.


It is still owned by the Holy House which uses it as a home for young girls. Lisbon,pp. The main image in the altar piece is a lateth-century painted wooden image of St. He continued to work in Portugal, serving King John V. It has six Corinthian columns and four arches, round geometric elements and two large carved and gilded side panels with symbolic trees in relief.

See Parra, Azulejosno. The composition of the altar piece, with long proportions and decorative austerity, includes sets of paired Corinthian columns mounted in two levels.

In this case, these saints act like spectators of the central scene: The small shrine was inadequate for the Jesuits and planning began immediately for a new church building. Here stands the body of Master Francis Tregian, a very eminent English gentleman who — after the confiscation of his wealth and after having suffered much during the 28 years he spent in prison for defending the Catholic faith in England during the persecutions under Queen Elizabeth — died in this city of Lisbon with great fame for saintliness on December 25th, Roch late 16th centuryis considered to be one of the finest works by the Mannerist painter Gaspar Dias ca.

They wanted the main altar as well as the pulpits to be clearly seen from all parts of the church. The breccia marble paneling and altar also display botanical, zoologic, anthropomorphic, geometric and allegoric motifs.


File:Igreja de Nossa Senhora das Mercês, Lisboa, Portugal (3504140757).jpg

In return the grateful Roobert allowed the donors — D. The central niche houses a statue in upholstered wood of St. The church is made up of the chancel, eight main side-chapels in the church, as well as five other altars in the transepts.

Roque main chapel tribune paintings Lisbon,pp.

Life and Legend Lisbon, ; and Caetano, Pinturanos. Francis Robedtespecially his travels to the Far East. The Holy House of Mercy still owns and operates the site today.

Views View Edit History. Between Spices and Diamonds, Views Read Edit View history. Francisco de Borja, SJ St.

Igreja de São Roque – Wikipedia

The relic was sent by the Venetian government, and it was carried in procession up the hill to the plague cemetery. The general decorative phases are Mannerist the chapels of St. The gilding and upholstery of the carvings followed; and then the work in the area of the throne. No roberg copyright restrictions No restrictions https: According to tradition the altar is said to stand on the site of the apse of the original plague shrine.

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