EPRG Framework or Orientations Of International Marketing. The form and substance of a company’s response to global market opportunities depend greatl . EPRG framework in international marketingDr. Howard V. Perlmutter is a world authority on globalisation and pioneer on the internati. Dr. Howard V. Perlmutter is a world authority on globalisation and pioneer on the internationalisation of firms, cities and other institutions.

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A particular region with certain important common marketing characteristics is regarded as a single market, ignoring national boundaries.

International Marketing EPRG Framework

To overcome from this problem one should adopt EPRG Framework, which identifies four types of orientation towards internationalisation of markehing operations —. It does not require much investment. This provides a firm to manage its operations independently, without much interference from its headquartered. In the ethnocentric international company, foreign operations are viewed as being secondary or subordinate to domestic on. However, this approach is not eeprg for companies which are planning to extend their international operations in a big way.

When they look to new markets they rely on what they know and seek similarities with their own country. On the incomes that frsmework hav Every participating country is treated solely and individual strategies are carried out.

Besides these, it has other advantages such as the possibility of knowing the customer better and maximum degree of marketing orientation. This approach is especially suitable for countries with certain financial, political and cultural constraints.

Steps Involved in the International Marketing Process. Subsidiaries are established in overseas markets and each subsidiary is given a free hand in framing policies and implementing them.

This framework addresses the way strategic decisions are made and how the relationship between headquarters and its subsidiaries is shaped. The polycentric orientation is the opposite of ethnocentrism.


The major drawback of this mind set is that it results in cultural short-sightedness and does not promote the best and brightest in a firm.

Thus, ensuring efficient use of human resources by building strong culture and informal management channels. Firms Go International due to framewkrk reasons: Countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh possess similar characteristic and can be served well with a single marketing strategy.

Often there are major differences between countries in a region. Ethnocentric companies that do conduct business outside the home country can be described as international companies, they adhere to the notion that the products that succeed in the home country are superior and, therefore, can be sold everywhere without adaptation.

International Marketing – EPRG Framework

One of the most striking trend in business, in recent years, has been growing internationalisation of business. Such companies are also sometimes referred to as domestic companies.

This develops an affiliated corporate culture and aids transfer core competences more easily. By clicking “Sign up” internatuonal indicate that you have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of service.

Global channels of distribution are established and promotional policy is developed to project a uniform image of the firm, and its products.

This usually results in the maximum degree of geographic decentralization as local managers are recognized as being psychologically close to markets, environments and customers.

These policies entail high cost. Ethnocentric approach is suitable to small firms just entering international intternational.

Advaitha: EPRG framework in international marketing

Decisions can be altered as per the economic, political and cultural disparities in the country. They possess a strong regional identity. Even if consumer needs or wants in international markets differ from those in the home country, those differences are ignored at headquarters. A regiocentric orientation views different regions as different markets.


They provide for improved coordination and control. There are four types of orientations or framework towards international marketing:. These eprh reflect the objectives of a company towards erpg operations and to lead to different management strategies and planning procedures.

A regiocentric organization sees similarities and differences in a world region, and designs strategies around this.

The different tax authorities and their functions are outlined below: Marketing strategies are not influenced by the home or host country preferences. Orientation towards maketing operations by a company, which consider export market has no difference with domestic market and hence applies domestic market techniques with overseas market.

The case of European Silicon Structures illustrates the practice of geocentric eprh. Orientation towards international operations by a company, which recognises the common features in countries belonging to a particular geographical region and hence applies the same strategy in all the countries in a particular region.

EPRG Framework

The major advantage of this type of orientation is that it will be the most effective way of motivating the management, since the management in each country internationall given a free hand in framing policies and implementing them.

A person who assumes his or her home country is superior compared to the rest of the world is said to have an ethnocentric orientation. Answer in international marketing management. The eptg of this mind set is that it overcomes the shortage of qualified managers in the anchoring nations by migrating them from home countries.

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