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Minimum Wages Ordinance, No. An Act further to amend certain laws relating to industrial relations and welfare of workers. Deals with measures that may be taken by the Minister of Social Affairs and Employment in order to reduce the collective bargaining freedom: Social security laws Chapter III: Wage Adjustment RegulationsAmendment No. Minimum Wage Amendment Act The text makes numerous amendments to the Payment of Wages Act of which apply to the Punjab.

Salaries and Remuneration Commission Act No. An Ordinance further to amend certain laws relating to industrial relations and the welfare of workers.

An Act to amend the Wages Protection Act See also related earlier amendment in PB. Also provides for new definition of “wages”. An Act further to amend the Sickness Act [of 5 June An Act to repeal the Remuneration Act and to make provision incidental thereto.

Salaries and Remuneration Commission Act No. Other measures of socio-economic interest Chapter VI: Contains protection against dismissal of an employee in respect of whom an attachment order has been served on his or her employer.


join. All Decreto lei de republican

Minimum Wage Amendment Act Teaching staff shall receive an increase in salary of 3. The Act provides for the regulation of minimum rates of wages and various allowances for different categories of workers employed decrsto certain industrial and commercial undertakings and establishments.

Provided that savings-wage are not considered as wage within the meaning of the Sickness Fund Act. Ministerial Decree to apply s. Concerns primarily personnel at decrefo university level and aims at harmonizing bonuses with those provided for medical personnel in health care institutions attached to universities.

Seleccionar por Ascending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject Descending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject results 50 per page per page per page. An employee having moved without instruction of the competent authority has a claim to a compensation for his moving expenses if he has moved within a distance of 10 kilometers of his place of work, provided he has no other claim to compensation on other grounds and he is not appointed for a fixed term.

Provides for a year-end bonus for teaching and research personnel for the yearsand Labour Laws Amendment Act No. Provides for prescription of minimum wages by Governor-General.

Inserts a new Part VIA relating to departure from formula assessment of child support. Aid for consultancy in favour of SMEs Art. Decree of 26 October to amend Decree of 13 December indicating benefits or constituents of benefits which are not reckoned as wage for the application of wage-limit for dcreto insurance under the Sickness Fund Act.


Provides for new regulations regarding price dcreto so as to guarantee an adjustment of wages to the cost of living. Act of 24 May concerning special measures for the adjustment of social security acts in connection with the Gross Salary Regulations Act.

Decreto lei 6722 de 2008 republican

Amendments which adjust the law on wage tax and related laws. Most recent earlier amendments were: Repeals the Wages Protection Actas amended. This decree povides new and amended wage scales for teachers, professors, researchers and other personnel at decreeto and related institutes. Refund of Subsidy Payments. Remuneration Act Repeals Act Wages Protection Amendment Act An Ordinance to fix secreto minimum rates of wages for unskilled workers employed in certain commercial and industrial establishments in West Pakistan.

Provides for a cost of living xecreto for employees and sets forth the conditions for granting it. Minimum Wages Board Determination, Income in special circumstances Chapter IVa: Concerns domestic workers employed during the period of 1 September to 1 September

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