Scaling and Renormalization in Statistical Physics, pp, ISBN Non- Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics and Turbulence, ich and K. Cardy, John L. Scaling and renormalization in statistical physics. John L. Cardy (Oxford U.) Keyword(s): INSPIRE: book | statistical. Scaling and renormalization in statistical physics – Cardy, John L. Cambridge, UK : Univ. Pr. () p. (Cambridge lecture notes in physics: 3).

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The ising transition in the double-frequency sine-gordon model – Ye, Fei et al. Phase diagrams and fixed points. A42 arXiv: Beginning with a brief review of phase transitions in simple systems and of mean field theory, the text rsnormalization goes on to introduce the core ideas of the renogmalization group. Peter GoddardJulia Yeomans.

Comment on “A structural test for the conformal invariance of the critical 3d Ising model” by S. Supersymmetric multicritical point in a model of lattice fermions – Bauer, Bela et al.

Scaling and renormalization in statistical physics – INSPIRE-HEP

Conformal symmetry of the critical 3D Ising model inside a sphere – Cosme, Catarina et al. Confinement of monopoles and scaling theory near unconventional critical points – Powell, Stephen Phys.

Foundations and applications – Ammon, Martin et al. Aspects of phase transitions in gauge theories and spin models on the lattice – Cuteri, Francesca.

In particular, the perturbative method introduced leads, among applications, to a simple derivation of the epsilon expansion in which all the actual calculations at least to lowest order reduce to simple counting, avoiding the need for Feynman diagrams. Quantum Decimation in Hilbert Space: Kibble-Zurek scaling in holography – Natsuume, Makoto et al. Maximizing the information learned from finite data selects a simple model – Mattingly, Henry H.


Anomalous dimensions on the lattice – Giedt, Joel Int. Status of background-independent coarse-graining in tensor models for quantum gravity – Eichhorn, Astrid et al. Contents Phase transitions in simple systems. Beyond Standard Model physics on the lattice – Schneible, Joseph. Cambridge University PressApr 26, – Science – pages. Analysis of a spin system with quenched disorder using the space-time renormalization group – Csaling, Andreas.

How to locate the QCD phase boundary by scanning observable in the phase plane – Zhang, Yanhua et al. Disorder in holographic field theories: Renormalization group flow in field theories with quenched disorder – Aharony, Ofer et al.

Non—perturbative aspects of physics beyond the Standard Model – Rinaldi, Enrico. Uncovering the structure of super conformal field theories – Liendo, Pedro.

Holographic superfluid flows with a localized repulsive potential – Ishibashi, Akihiro et al. Scaling and renormalization in statistical physics – Cardy, John L. The perturbative renormalization group.

Random matrix approaches to open quantum systems – Schomerus, Henning arXiv: Phase transitions in simple systems. Extraction of conformal data in critical quantum spin chains using the Koo-Saleur formula – Milsted, Ashley et al. Strange metal from local quantum chaos – Ben-Zion, Daniel et scwling.


John Cardy

Revisiting logarithmic scaling relations using renormalization group – Ruiz-Lorenzo, J. JHEP arXiv: Influence of finite volume and magnetic field effects on the QCD phase diagram – Magdy, Niseem et al. Kinetic theory of non-thermal fixed points in a Bose gas – Chantesana, Isara et al. Characterizing the quantum field theory vacuum using temporal Matrix Product states – Tirrito, Emanuele et al.

Teaching renormalization, scaling, and universality with an example from quantum mechanics – Paik, Steve T.

Multipartite entanglement and quantum Fisher information in renormmalization field theories – Rajabpour, M.

John Cardy’s homepage

The book closes with an appendix on Gaussian integration, a selected bibliography, and a detailed index. The emphasis throughout is on providing an elementary and intuitive approach. Topological dualities in the Ising model – Freed, Daniel S.

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Universality class of the two-dimensional polymer collapse transition – Nahum, On Phys. Non-Abelian topological phases in three spatial dimensions from coupled wires – Iadecola, Thomas et al.

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