Combat A concise pamphlet entitled âCombat Kitâ â designed as a quick reference book when conversing with Christian preachers. AIDS AND HOMOSEXUALITY: The Holy Bible gives the cause of this cancer and blight: ” Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, And changed the. A year ago you wrote a booklet called “Combat Kit” in which you accused the Bible of containing vulgarities. Unfortunately you have stooped very low in the way.

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Why would a pure God give instructions to use filthy human excrement as fuel?

Combat Kit.pdf

The only way that the alternative view can be maintained, is if someone has a strong bias against Christianity. Deedat, 25 November A year ago you wrote a deeday called “Combat Kit” in which you accused the Bible of containing vulgarities. After I explained who it was that spoke the words, he decided to drop the accusation because he had to admit the force dedeat the Muslim objection had been answered and resolved.

Since there is no mention of any amount, we must assume that the purpose of the dung has to do with the method of baking. Oit Download Who moved the Stone. And water you shall drink by measure, the sixth part of a hin; 12 Once a day you shall drink. The questions is asked, “How can a pure God require someone to do something impure?

In ancient times it was not uncommon to use cow dung as fuel for fire — as indeed it is in some societies today. Logically, therefore, the next step is to describe how the cake is to be baked verse And it is this very anger that Ezekiel depicts in his dramatic story foretelling God’s judgement upon the Israelites. Shmed the siege progressed the Combwt tried to demoralize the Israelites by taunting them, saying they would eventually become so starved that they would eat their own excrement and drink their own urine see 2 Kings Behold I have never defiled myself: In this book Sheikh Ahmed Deedat investigates several topics, including the following: Now that we’ve seen the whole story, we can take a closer look at combaat of the details, especially the statement regarding baking the cake “in their sight on human dung”.


During the siege food and water would become very scarce in Jerusalem Recently I had a discussion with a ahmdd Muslim about the above-mentioned vulgar argument.

Yet it was a sign and a prophecy of a supremely good act that would bring untold blessing to mankind. But for what purpose? An understanding of the context makes it clear that the Bible certainly does not endorse the filthy act which you have implied that it does.

Having this background and overview of the story, it will be easier to understand the details which read as follows. For example jit could be argued that the Bible teaches “There is no God” Ps. As Ezekiel ate this starvation diet it pictured in a vivid way the suffering that the Israelites would experience under God’s judgement.

The fact that excrement is used in the story only serves to intensify the awfulness of what the Israelites’ living cmobat will be in exile.


When Abraham was instructed to sacrifice his son, it must have seemed to him at first to be utterly unthinkable. This purpose is put beyond doubt by the phrase “on which you may prepare your bread”. Deedat examines and analyses the criteria by which greatness is measured in individuals.

Verses 9 – 11 brings to conclusion the first step of preparing the cake, namely, weighing and combining the ingredients. I dare say, if we tried to ridicule your Qur’an, taking its statements out of context, like you are doing with our Bible, you would be outraged. If you are still skeptical, the matter is settled by verse Further evidence of your bias can be seen in your attack on similar passages in the Bible, cited above, which we’ve shown to be unfounded.

Combat Kit – English – Ahmed Deedat

In this verse, God substitutes the cows dung for human dung. Download Crucifixion or Crucifiction.

But one more aspect to the problem remains to be considered. In this book Ahmed Deedat expounds Biblical prophesies about Muhummed p. The alternative of dung being used as an ingredient in the cake is clearly excluded.

Most Christians rely on ransomed blood for their salvation and Muslims rely on the concept of worshipping one God i. Download Who moved deeda Stone.

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